Redefining Laser Marking

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Phoenix Contact would like to introduce a facelift version of our laser printing machine, TOPMARK NEO.

It is back, more compact, more economical and with more effective software!

Phoenix Contact provides both the printer as well as the material that you need. In a one stop solution, it saves you the trouble of searching for different vendors for your process. Within the footprint of 180 by 180mm, it is able to engrave on materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, Transply-ABS, UCT terminal cards, and polyacrylate! We have more than 620 materials for you to choose from.

Topmark NEO has a footprint of 580mm X 615mm, weighing no more than 50 kg and qualified as a Class 1 Laser machine. At the side, it has a HMI device for direct printing or connecting it through a laptop where you can create your templates or printings too.

The story doesn’t end here, even if you are not interested to get the printer itself. If you need just the marking, no problem! Phoenix Contact provides the printing services for all of them. Contact us now at if you would like to know more about it!



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