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We might think that warning labels are rather mandatory, rather standard, rather rigid, so much so that there is nothing to talk about…

But hey, have you really noticed all the warning labels around, and some of the interesting ones that are hanging around?

#1 Do not put plastic bag over your head

It might sound absurd… But there are many incidents that happened due to these plastic bags!

#2 Do not squat on the toilet bowl, that’s incorrect!

Well…. Let’s all be considerate and do it the ‘correct’ way.

#3 Beginner Driver

This is to be very sure that all the drivers behind you are aware that you just started out.

Or… does it help you to drive horribly and overtake cars?!

#4 Don’t touch my car

Touching the car might cause death… so be careful and stay away!

#5 Maintaining eye contact for more than 2 seconds is disrespectful

I guess it is meant to prevent fights arousing from staring contests… But if I talk to you without looking at you… is it also disrespectful?

The similarity between all these funny labels that you have seen above is that they are very customizable. The wordings and pictures are non-standard, and in fact, creative to catch attention from people.

With that said, do you know that Phoenix Contact labels can be printed to be anything that you want? Phoenix Contact has software (Project Complete) that can be downloaded free, and within the program, you can design it to your own way, be it funny, unique or specific, it can all be customized to your needs.

We have our free software (Project Complete) that allows you to bring in pictures and type your own text. You can design your label any ways that you like!

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