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Phoenix Contact is one of the very few solution providers that can fulfill almost all the critical components in the electrical panel. To attest to that, Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of Timer Relays with different features and specifications.

The ultra-narrow range of timer relays from Phoenix Contact offers the slimmest form factor in the industry. This range borrows the design from our tried and tested PLC Interface Relay which is the most established slim type relay in the market. The housing of this timer relay is 6.2mm, making it a true space saver in the industry where space is an ever increasing premium. The space savings can amount to 70% compared to conventional designs. The time can also be seen clearly at the front of the timer relay and can also be easily set on the thumbwheel. Better still; the thumbwheel is illuminated, making it easy to adjust without making mistakes. On top of this, it has Push-In technology as the choice of connection, making it popular for applications installed in an environment with vibrations which can cause screw connections to be loosened. The range of module includes: switch-on delay (voltage controlled), switch-on delay with control contact, switch-off delay with control contact and flashing function beginning with pulse. The time range is available from 0.1s to as long as 300 minutes.

The other range of timer relays from Phoenix Contact is the multifunctional ETD time relays. These timer relays are just 22.5mm, making them comparatively thin for a multifunctional type of timer relay. The range includes one adjustable time to two adjustable times as well as adjustable pulse and pause times. Functions include switch-mode beginning with pause or pulse, flashing, switched on delay with control contact and voltage controller, passing makes contact and many more.  Adjustable time range from as low as 50ms to 100hours. It is also suitable for worldwide use thanks to the power supply range of 24 to 240 VAC and VDC.

Besides that, Phoenix Contact has a BL series multifunctional timer relay which is more compact at 17.5mm. This model is suitable for more basic applications that are more cost effective with one floating changeover contact as compared to 2 for the multifunctional relay. It has a time range of 50ms to 1hr.

Last but not least, Phoenix Contact offers a timer relay that can be integrated into the RIFLINE series relay. With this innovative design, customer can have a solution with more than 2PDT requirement. In fact, this timer module can be installed in all RIF1 up to RIF4 relay series. The functions include switch-on delay, with passing makes contact and pulse generator. Time ranges from 0.5 seconds to 100 minutes.

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