Stripping Wires Fast and Easy

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Stripping cables is one of the processes in wire harnessing, besides cutting and crimping processes.

There are many ways to strip a cable, from using the conventional cutter to using the manual/automatic wire stripping.

There are some basic points we need to know in doing the stripping process.

  1. Cable size
  2. Stripping length

Choosing the correct tool and setting the correct stripping length will produce the perfect stripping result for crimping process.

Manual Stripping Tool

With manual stripping tool, there are some concerns such as fatigue, consistency of stripping length and time.

Automatic Stripping Tool

All the concerns with manual stripping tool can be solved with the Automatic Stripping Tool.

Phoenix Contact knows this and has developed automatic Stripping Tool called WF 1000.

With this automatic device, we can strip cables without any fatigue, get the precise length and it takes only 0.3s per process.

This machine will boost your productivity with high quality output.


  1. This compact stripping machine automatically insulates conductors with a cross section of 0.08 to 6 mm2.
  2. Multi-strand cables with a diameter of up to 6 mm are also stripped.
  3. Partial stripping is supported.
  4. Special insulations such as PTFE and silicone can be stripped, in addition to standard insulations
  5. The clamping force automatically adjusts itself to the required extraction force. This reduces/prevents pressure points on sensitive insulation.
  6. The stripping dimensions are set individually via rotary buttons. They are shown on the clear display.

You can check out the video of the WF 1000 below!

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