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I believe that many of us have experienced similar problems with plugs and sockets as pictured above, especially while travelling. Due to poor designs, some of our bulky charging equipment for our phones, laptops or cameras may not be able to charge. This creates massive inconvenience for us as we are unable to use our devices when we need them. In times like these, being able to adjust the wall plug orientation would solve the problem.

Surprisingly, such problems also arise in factories and warehouses that usually utilise heavy machinery. However, having such problems with heavy machinery will bring about more inconvenient repercussions such as having to move your machine to another location or adjusting your wall plug so that the socket can be plugged into it. These will bring about higher costs and also more tedious work.

The Phoenix Contact team has thus come up with a solution to overcome these problems.

Our Heavycon Evo is a heavy duty connector which allows the cable gland to be connected vertically or horizontally depending on the site conditions and requirements. The housing offers range from B6 to B24 and cable gland sizes of M20, M25, M32 and M40. Because of how customisable the product is, using it reduces the inventory in stock. Heavycon Evo is particularly useful when it comes to installation of cables in rather tight spaces. This also helps create a more compact setup which saves space. In cases where the wiring and connection points between cables are in obscure and inconvenient positions, the Heavycon Evo allows the user to alter the orientation of the sleeves from horizontal to vertical or vice versa. This feature also allows the wiring to last longer as the wires will not be in positions where they are under high tension.

Besides fulfilling its original purpose, the Heavycon Evo has additional benefits. When told that the Heavycon Evo is made up of plastic, many have the impression that it is not very durable. However, the fact that the Heavycon Evo is made of plastic brings about many benefits. The Heavycon Evo is made of high grade polyamide plastic that has gone through stringent quality checks such as IP and Nema degrees of protection, vibration, temperature shock, shock resistance, roll-over test and the dynamic load special test which verifies that the Heavycon Evo bayonet locking and double latch do not open independently or malfunction even in the case of extremely high static loads. Furthermore, the high grade plastic of Heavycon Evo will drastically lessen the load of machinery as it is significantly lighter than its metal counterpart by up to 50%.

Heavycon Evo enables the multiple connections of data, power and signal in a single housing with up to six difference combinations. We have also implemented our state of the art push-in technology in our inserts to allow easy, fast and secure connections in every application. Lastly, there is a common misunderstanding that plastic sleeves cannot match the applications of metal sleeves. However, this is not true as our Heavycon Evo is compatible with all existing setups of up to 24 positions with existing metal setups.

In conclusion, Heavycon Evo is compact to be installed in tight positions, cost effective, light weight and compatible. Hence, it will be your number one choice when buying heavy duty connectors.

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