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Wireless connectivity replacing rotary slip ring technology

The Rotary Slip Ring is the oldest technology used to transfer power and signals between stationary and rotating structures/equipment. The Rotary Slip Ring allowed free rotation even when the rotating side was at high speeds. Many machines that involve rotation movement, for example in the cable, packaging, paper & tissue industries have utilized slip ring to transmit & receive power and signals.

Rotary Slip Ring is made up of stacks of several rings which are normally made from copper in the rotary side, with a carbon brush touching the ring on the fixed side. This combination allows electricity to flow between the fixed side and the rotating side.

Rotary Slip Ring technology was the only solution in the past for transferring power & signals from rotating equipment, but at the same time, it also brought about the consequences of higher maintenance effort & cost.

The carbon brushes will erode during the operation and need to be replaced regularly. Any impurities such as dust and oil on the surface of the ring will caused greater resistance or even will prevent electrical current from flowing.

Signal transmission requires a stable and constant flow of electrical current. Due to this reason, the digital signal will have a pulse effect when impurities are present and analog signal will have a voltage/current drop.

Factoryline Bluetooth EPA in combination with ILC series can become the solution to these problems. Signal transmission from the rotary slip ring can easily be retrofitted with a short implementation time. Customers can forget about maintenance and the analog & digital signal will flow seamlessly 24/7.

The Bluetooth EPA modules enable fault-free parallel operation with other WLAN systems, thanks to efficient use of frequency gaps. In addition to the automatic coexistence mechanism of Bluetooth, the EPA modules also offer the following:

  • Low emission mode: for low interference emissions when establishing connections
  • Black channel listing: allows configuration of up to three WLAN channels whose frequency ranges will not be used by the EPA module

The Ethernet port adapter is the simple solution for enabling the Bluetooth capability of industrial automation devices with Ethernet connection quickly and easily. The IP65 turnkey solution is installed directly in the field and connected to the automation device via an M12 Ethernet cable.

Your advantages:

  • Compact IP65 module with integrated antenna
  • M12 connections for Ethernet and power
  • Easy installation in the field

Axioline E – fast, robust, easy

Axioline E is the I/O system with a block design for field installation. Open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols and available in two different housing versions, Axioline E offers maximum flexibility.

The SPEEDCON fast locking system ensures quick and

easy installation, thereby minimizing assembly times. Axioline E is particularly robust when it comes to mechanical loads, EMI, and environmental influences. The M12 power connector simplifies installation thanks to the reduced number of terminal points and 2 x 12 A in just one cable.

Extend Axioline E in a distributed and flexible way in the field using IO-Link I/O boxes.

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