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When you ask for a Phoenix Contact CLIPSAFE Junction Box, you receive a high quality product with a range of empty enclosures, made of stainless steel and polyester. CLIPSAFE Junction Boxes can be used in hazardous environments, and upon approval, can be installed in potentially explosive areas.

The 3 main classes of junction boxes are as follows:

  1. Ex Stainless Steel Empty Enclosures
  2. Ex Polyester Empty Enclosures
  3. Polyester Empty Enclosures


  1. Ex Stainless Steel Empty Enclosures

The CLIPSAFE stainless steel Ex enclosure product range provides comprehensive protection for your applications in industrial environments and in process technology. The product range consists of enclosures in sizes of up to 1000 x 1000 x 300 mm. Upon request, Phoenix Contact can provide ATEX and IECEx-approved junction boxes.

  1. Ex Polyester Empty Enclosures (GRPs)

The comprehensive range of CLIPSAFE polyester Ex enclosures provide comprehensive protection for your needs in potentially explosive areas. Upon request, Phoenix Contact can provide ATEX and IECEx-approved GRPs.

  1. Polyester Empty Enclosures

The extensive standard CLIPSAFE polyester enclosure range provides robust standard enclosures for industrial environments as well as for non-explosive areas in process industry. The enclosures are suitable for control boxes and junction boxes, suitable for most of your requirements.

We can customize the enclosures to your specifications with threads, bore holes complete with components and cable glands. And custom control boxes with electronic components are available on request.

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