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It’s finally to an end to all the weeks of excess booze and food consumption and the end of the school holidays. The New Year is here.

When I reminded my daughters of the school reopening, they gave me a shocking look with an alarming “Oh no! C’mon…” And indeed, I felt the same because it’s time to turn my attention to the New Year resolutions.

While I pondered over my own 2018 resolution, I wondered where the idea of “New Year Resolutions” came from and I found my reply on Google:

I was surprised by the fact that the practice started 4,000 years ago and decided to find out more on the success rate of “New Year Resolutions” in modern times.

According to the research done by U.S. News, the disheartening fact is that “80% of New Year’s resolutions will fail by February”.

That’s hardly 1 quarter into the year and this piece of information was not to my liking.

So what would be a good “New Year Resolution”?

Personally, I’m not good at making big plans, like quitting booze for a year or switching to vegetarian food or maybe cutting down on my online purchases with online shopping platforms, and the list goes on… I believe some of us feel the same way.

Therefore, to help myself and those who are reading this, there’s a list of suggestions which I, in my capacity, have come up with to jumpstart the self-improvement for our 2018.

  1. No electronic devices at the dining table.
    Try putting away your electronic devices, particularly when you are eating with your family and friends. Spending more quality time with your loved ones is definitely more important than the Pokémon or your email. I started this “house rule” with my daughters at home and it seems a good practice to have as we are more engaged in talks. Remember, quality time waits for no one.
  2. Cook a different meal every month
    In the midst of the busy lifestyle that working executives have nowadays, when was the last time you stepped into the kitchen to cook up a storm? Try this to broaden your kitchen skills, it may be a salad or soup and you will be starring in MasterChef in no time! Your family or loved ones will enjoy the food as much as you enjoyed making it in the kitchen.
  3. Walk to work / school
    This is an all-time favourite. Although I drive to work, I have seen colleagues who have taken a walk up the stairs to the 4th floor where our office is. I think, maybe I shall start doing this too.
  4. Read a book
    When was the last time you supported the National Library or used that Kindle that you received from a friend? Try reading “Who Moved My Cheese?”, by Dr Spencer Johnson or “Getting to Yes”, by Roger Fisher & William Ury.

    Who Moved My Cheese? Getting to Yes

    I know of somebody who is always ready to and will gladly share his books with you. If you need more details, feel free to let me know.

  5. Plant some flowers or grow something to eat
    Trust me, I do not have green fingers. But I did not give up on this little greenery that I have been trying to build along my small narrow HDB corridor. So far, I managed to up keep these plants which are curry leaves, pandan leaves, chilli plant, mint and lime!
    Hence, if I can do so, you will be amazed by what you can harvest.
  6. Decide on your own
    Stop procrastinating over what happened in 2017, avoid all the negativity and put aside all the differences.Your life belongs to you. Do what you want, when you want, as long it doesn’t hurt anyone. You’re going to have a great time in 2018.

I offer to you, the above 6 potential New Year Resolutions for the awesome 2018 in front of us.

Start taking actions and F.O.C.U.S.  Start setting your goal on the sticky note on your board or on your lappie. Stay highly charged and truly make a difference with your achievements this year.

No more waiting for the perfect opportunity or perfect time.

It’s NOW.



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