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The mobile phone is one of the best inventions in our modern era and it has become such an integral part of everyone’s lives. A large population of the world is becoming increasingly dependent on this small electronic device which we put in our pocket.

A quick check on the internet reveals that there are estimated to be more than 5 billion mobile phone users currently and more than 50% of them are smart phone users.

With the current world population standing at approximately 7.6 billion, this works out to more than 30% of the world population having access to a large pool of information at their fingertips. High speed accessibility to critical information is very often the deal breaker in game changing decision making.

With this in mind, Phoenix Contact developed a plethora of mobile phone apps that seek to address this hunger for faster and highly efficient apps. Old bulky catalogues are slowly becoming a thing of the past, when an entire encyclopaedia can be retrieved and searched within seconds.

One of my favourite apps is our very own Phoenix Contact marking apps where it provides the user with the capability to scan the barcode of the marker and the user will know what printers it is suitable for. Our clear and concise product information with photos speak a thousand words.

The apps provide us with great amount of flexibility and high speed access to information.

Phoenix Contact’s mobile phone apps are easily available for both Iphone Appstore and Google Playstore users.

when you search of the word “Phoenix Contact” on the Google Playstore, there will be a wide range of apps developed by the different product groups ranging from power supply to marking and also general catalog.

With the general catalogue app, you will have easy navigation to the full range of products within Phoenix Contact product structures. The information provided will facilitate ease of communication when you place the order.

Phoenix Contact Catalog app

I believe the best way to understand what the Phoenix Contact apps can offer is to experience it.

Improvement is a continuous process, we welcome all users to provide feedback via the form below so that we can improve and enhance the Phoenix Contact experience.

Go ahead and download it and enjoy the Phoenix Contact experience.

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