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Quality ServicePhoenix Contact strives to deliver excellence in both product quality and customer service.
Our team mission is for our customers to achieve optimal satisfaction when they use Phoenix Contact products.

I’ve never imagined that I would be writing an article for the company’s official blog. I did not consider myself a good writer; even curating a short post was not easy for me.

However, one cannot avoid challenging tasks forever.

Phoenix Contact is an electrical engineering company. We manufacture our own industrial-grade electronic devices and solutions. Our core products are our terminal blocks!
Most of our blog articles are technical or solution-based in nature. Thus, I felt that articles should be written by our product managers or engineers.

I had to crack my brain to figure out what article to write. It took me a whole week to think of something! Since I serve customers directly, I decided to write about why customers choose to work with us. From a salesperson’s point of view, customer relationships are key. We always do our best to figure out their likes and dislikes, and understand more about their needs.


Our Design and Engineering Team back in Germany ensures that all products are high-quality and user-friendly. The best proof? Our customer satisfaction feedback for product quality is always 100%, and they never have to worry about quality issues! We are extremely grateful for the constant effort that our German colleagues invest in product quality.
Additionally, we emphasize on providing great customer service to every client, and we work together as a team, from colleagues to our Southeast Asia headquarters back in Singapore, to each individual subsidiary sales office around the region. Every team member has a common goal – which as our team mission states: optimal satisfaction from start to finish with every purchase.

How do we define excellent service?

Here’s the breakdown:

Our sales team responds promptly to each customer regarding any kind of purchase, or project, regardless of size or nature. We understand that time is precious, so we try our very best to get back to our customers ASAP.

Our product managers are always on standby to assist and support any technical issues that may arise. They are also responsible for price negotiation. At Phoenix Contact, we try to make our product prices fair and reasonable to all customers. We suggest only what they need and we don’t upsell. We take pride in making our customers feel comfortable about what they are purchasing.

Our customer service team supports any order enquiries, while our logistics team handles the rest of our requests which are deemed as “almost impossible to be solved”. Almost impossible – but not completely!

We are not just a company that is solely about profit generation. We genuinely would like our customers to work with us to establish long-term friendships and working relationships.

If you are looking for a solution, a product, or an answer to your industrial problems, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help!
Just drop me an email or text at:

Rattakarn Chartnakrop, DC sales Division (Thailand)
Mobile : +(66) 81 782 8826
Email : rattakarnc@phoenixcontact.co.th



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