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Today, we enjoy the fruit of technology as we turn on our television, air-conditioner, lights or our smart devices. Have we thought about what are the nitty-gritty details that have led to our enjoyment in this day and age?

What is common amongst all this technology is the need for electricity, and more importantly, what carries electricity around are wires.  Wires and cables are the root that carries electricity all round; it allows current to flow from one point to another. What is often missed out is the hard work spent by the electricians who, behind the scenes, manages this labyrinth of wires.

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Cutting, Stripping and Crimping are steps that are very familiar to our electricians. However, they are not just merely steps; but in fact, they are techniques that we need to offer much respect to the electricians who handle them. Providing the right tools for the job makes it even more crucial to ensure they put their techniques into the right place.

Cutting, Stripping and Crimping of wires sound easy and effortless. However, using it on a daily basis requires the tool to be designed more than just a normal tool. Phoenix Contact takes ergonomics, usability into consideration and provides the optimal tools for its end users.

Tools to Cut, Strip & Crimp

Cut – CUTFOX 18

Phoenix Contact Tools - CUTFOX 18
  1. Safety Lock
    Safety is a true concern in a workplace, and every effort to keep the workplace safe is extremely important. Slip guards are attached in our cutter which keeps the blades closed.
  2. Less Fatigue
    Spring-loaded pliers opens up automatically, which means users spend lesser energy. With the pivot near the cutting edge, it provides optimum power transfer.
  3. Cutting Quality
    Cut your wires perfectly with the special curved metal giving your wires a nice and squeeze-free cut.
  4. Reliable Material
    The steel material of the cutter has gone through heat and surface treatment ensuring your tool to be long lasting and corrosion resistant.
  5. Comfort
    Consisting of both soft and hard parts, meant for the best comfort for any hands. The curved designed of the handles and the angled head for the ultimate ergonomics.

Strip – WIREFOX 10

Phoenix Contact Tools - WIREFOX 10
  1. Easy Adjustment
    Depth of the blades can be easily adjusted as required. Length of the stripped length can also be easily adjusted with the small measurement ruler and the stopper in place.
  2. Flexibility
    Interchangeable knife cassette gives you the option for all different wire sizes as required. One casing for all wire sizes!
  3. Stopper
    A wire stopper equipped in the knife cassette helps you to position your wire at the stripping length you need.
  4. Convenient Cutter
    Equipped with a cutter at the side, it gives you the convenience to cut your wires any time.
  5. Comfort
    Consisting of both soft and hard parts, meant for the best comfort for any hands. The curved designed of the handles and the angled head meant for the best stripping experience.


Phoenix Contact Tools - CRIMPFOX CENTRUS 6S
  1. Multi Range Die
    Self-adjusting principals of the die covers a large cross section (0,14 – 6mm²), so you can use one tool for most of your needs.
  2. Good and Complete Crimp
    Built in ratchet mechanism is the key for a good crimp as it doesn’t allow the pliers to open until the process is complete. In this way, it ensures a proper and complete crimp.
  3. No need for recalibration
    Due to the special die closing process and its ball bearings, it reduces wearing out. Thus, eliminating the time and effort you need for re-calibration.
  4. Less effort
    Equipped with a rotating crimp mechanism, together with the tool size, ensures an optimum power transmission. In other words, you use less energy!
  5. Comfort
    Consisting of both soft and hard parts, meant for the best comfort for any hands. Its small size of 18cm tall, 6.5cm wide, and weighing at 380g serves as a compact and handy tool. The optimal positioning of the pivots gives the smallest opening handle angle in the market. Not forgetting the soft non-slip pressure pad supports your force transmission, so you can, for example, have it sit against a table surface!

After introducing the key features and ergonomically designs of our Phoenix Contact tools, would you like to experience it first hand on its comfort and ease of usage?

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