Phoenix Contact’s PLC: Water Pump Control for Junction Square, Myanmar

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Junction Square, Yangon

Junction Square, Yangon

Do you know that Phoenix Contact has an office incorporated in the heart of Yangon?

If you were not aware, where were you!

Not only have we worked with clients all throughout Myanmar but we’ve also successfully sold our controllers (ILC 131 ETH) for a water pump application use in Myanmar’s Junction Square.

A little about What we DO

In case you’re wondering, we are a German manufacturing company with offices all around the world.

Since 1923, we have been providing quality engineering solutions ranging from terminal blocks, relays, connectors, signal conditioners, power supplies, controllers &  PLCs, I/O systems, Industrial Ethernet, controller system cabling, PCB terminal blocks & connectors (Phew! That’s a really long list.).

And of course, that’s not all. If you have a problem, we have the solutions.

Our products can be found in many engineering applications ranging from industrial automation, renewable energy, interface solutions and even more recently, the industrial internet of things.

Our presence in Southeast Asia has been fundamental to many of the projects you see.

From public railways to national electrical grids, to water management plants and building automation.

Our products have helped clients achieve results, whether it’s energy saving or protection from accidents.

Phoenix Contact's Products

Our products have assisted in many projects across Southeast Asia.

What have we done in Myanmar?

More recently, we have assisted in the construction of a water pump application in Junction Square.

Yes, Junction Square, the trendiest shopping mall in Yangon that boasts a huge parking space and a cinema.

Phoenix Contact was chosen by our clients because:

  1. A tested and proven brand

With a long history of providing German engineered quality products at competitive prices, our brand has been the reason why they chose us.

For a premium shopping mall like Junction Square, we cannot substitute quality.

  1. Local support

With a local office in Yangon, our technical staff could provide customized support, before and after sales, to the customer promptly and in their native language.

  1. High-performance compact controller

The ILC 150 ETH, a highly modular Inline Controller, is high in performance and also compact.

This controller can be used to extend the possible field of application of Inline Controllers right down to smaller applications.

With direct integration in the Inline automation system, the compact controller is highly modular and can be adapted to the relevant application requirements.

Its integrated Ethernet interface enables parameterization and programming using free automation software from Phoenix Contact, design according to IEC 61131.

The controller allows exchanging of data with OPC servers simultaneously and communicates with TCP/IP-compatible devices.

Here’s the example of the Water Pump Application:

Water Pump Application in Junction Square

Water Pump Application in Junction Square

See how the compact designed and modularity makes it easier to install, and most importantly, it’s not complicated at all.

So if you’re in Myanmar and you need solutions to your projects, we have the answer. Speak to our representatives in Myanmar today or drop us an email at, and we will be glad to help!



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