Radioline: The only Wireless System you need

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Finding it difficult to avoid the cost of laying long cables?

Fed up of laying long, 5km cables just to establish communication signals across your site?

Have issues optimizing your plant’s communication to get better monitoring and control?

Look no further! Say no to messy, cluttered and costly cables and say hello to wireless technology.

Introducing Phoenix Contact’s RADIOLINE Wireless Technology!



Phoenix Contact provides an INNOVATIVE way to upgrade and optimize industrial plants while eliminating costly cables and unnecessary downtimes.

No programming, no software. Less hassle, more productivity.

Phoenix Contact Radioline Wireless I/O mapping at the turn of a wheel allows for easy deployment in extensive plants – without any programming or complex configuration.

Radioline I/O mapping

Don’t be fooled by the colorful arrows, they’re not wires mind you but wireless signals transmitting across the RADIOLINE units.

It allows modular extension of every station up to 32 I/O-modules per station (hot-swappable) and creates multiple network structures up to 250 stations (yes, you heard it. Up to 250 stations! Impressive).

Radioline T-Bus

Radioline T-Bus

Phoenix Contact Radioline is THE wireless product for large systems.

So if you have a large system or a big plant to manage, Radioline is the answer.

Again did we also mention that the Radioline does not need any software or programming? Yes we did. By simply turning the thumbwheel, the Radioline is ready to go.

By simply turning the thumbwheel, the Radioline is ready to go.

No complicated software. Just easy thumb action.

Just watch this video here:

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If she could do it, you could too!

Thanks to the Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology using 868 MHz, 900 MHz, and 2.4 GHz radio frequency, Phoenix Contact Radioline is the ideal choice for reliable use in industrial environments up to 5 km of signal communications.

Cables are a thing of the past and they cannot withstand demanding environments, not to mention the effort and cost in installing them.

Stop wasting time and money. Get in touch with us at and make the switch to Phoenix Contact’s Radioline TODAY.



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