HEAVYCON Modular- Everything in One Housing

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In production processes, assemblies and machines are interconnected using industrial plug-in connectors. These connectors have to be reliable and flexible enough to accommodate to future modifications and expansions. Phoenix Contact sees this and introduces the newly enhanced HEAVYCON Modular into HEAVYCON Complete family.

Flexibility: HEAVYCON Modular offers a wide variety of over 50 modules for signals, data, power and even pneumatic applications. They can be combined flexibly in a single frame.

modular-insert-familyNEW snap-in frame: Installation is made easy and fast with the new snap-in frame. Simply snap the modules into the frame. The retaining spring on the frame will fasten and align the modules precisely into position. No additional tool/part is required anymore.

modular_contact_insertsSave up to 40% of the installation time:  The five-pin power modules with push-in connection technology ensure simple and fast installation. Just insert the wire (fitted with ferrule) directly into the contact chamber. For secure data transmission, RJ45 data modules for patch cables and RJ industrial plug-in connectors with QUICKCON, our quick connection technology, are available. Pre-assembled fiber optic cables with SC and LC contacts can also be installed in the matching fiber optic modules.

Heavycon_modularCompatibility: HEAVYCON Modular is part of the HEAVYCON Complete family and is compatible to all the HEAVYCON housings. You can always create the right connection for your requirements with the well-fitted, robust housings from the three series – Advance, EVO and Standard. All three series come in two materials- Plastic and Metal, to suit your application.

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