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Admit it… who has never made any mistake in his/her life.

Successful person holds the attitude of embracing mistake, they know that mistakes are part and parcel of life. Therefore, if you want to lead a successful career, firstly you need to accept your embrace your own mistake. Do not finger point, saying it was result of others or certain event that happen, you may end up just searching for an excuse to cover your mistake and you may not achieve the result you want.

One good example I had read online was Thomas Edison and his invention of Light Bulb.

He did approx 10,000 times of attempts before he successfully invented light bulb, he did not give up or find excuses not to continue. What he did was to embrace the mistake he made, and moved on… through his perspective, I quote “I have not Failed, I ‘ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” he also comment that “Many of life’s Failure are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”

In our daily life, there are something within ourselves that we can control and by making a little changes to our attitude towards mistake, we may receive something unexpected. Therefore, I would like to share the following points towards how one should feel about mistake:

  • Change our attitudes to mistakes so that mistakes become something we no longer ashamed of
  • Dare to admit on your mistakes and learn from it
  • Without mistakes there would not be progress and no success
  • It’s ok to fall… but remember to pick yourself up positively

Everyone knows that it is sometime hard to admit your own mistake, and the easy way out is to point outwards. But when you are brave enough to stand up for the mistake you done, you also build your trust and honesty within your friends and team.

If mistake was created by your colleague, friend, or even family member. You must be sensitive about it, no one like to make mistake… they might already be feeling bad and by continuously blaming them would not change any outcome. Why don’t you consider talking to them and tell them about the ways they could have done for the benefit of future should the same situation rise again. In short, my recommendation would be:

  • Eliminate fears of admitting mistakes –
    • Be approachable
    • They know they are wrong, make discussion not whining
    • Embrace them
  • Support them, take risk together and learn together –
    • Discuss and agree on decision
    • One for all, all for one
  • Encourage to make mistakes, and make sure they learn from it –
    • Respect them for their position and critical thinking
    • Allow space for decision and let them be successful

There are many other ways to approach a similar situation…

I hope this article give you a slight change of perspective towards mistake, to embrace or blame, you make your own decision. Remember, before pointing out the flaws in others… look into yourself. 🙂 Spare a thought for others.




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