The Story of 3 Little Pigs

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Well, not exactly 3 little pigs, but to be more precise 3 little Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs for short). Read on to hear this classic story with a Phoenix Contact spin to it!

Once upon a time, there were 3 little PCBs that were looking for a house to stay in. They have searched many places, however not many manufacturers are able to offer a one stop housing solution to meet all their needs and requirements.

One fine day, they went to a little town in Chai Chee and found this manufacturer called Phoenix Contact. 3 of them went in and met a young man in the lobby called Ivan. Coincidentally Ivan is the Product Manager for Phoenix Contact and asked the 3 little PCBs: “How can I help you today?”

The first PCB stepped up and replied: “I am looking for a very basic house made of either PVC Plastic or PA Plastic. The installation should be easy by snapping on instead of screwing; and because my siblings are of different widths – 72mm, 108mm and 122mm, I would also like to have the options made available and also the flexibility to fully position my cover as well.

Without hesitation, Ivan introduced Phoenix Contact’s UM-BASIC Housing to the first PCB. The first PB was very impressed with its features and benefits which also includes shock protection!

Without a doubt, Ivan introduced the UM-BASIC Housing. The First PCB was impressed with its features and benefits of the housing which also includes shock protection.


The second PCB was enticed by the good recommendation that the first PCB got and went straight to Ivan telling him what he requires.

“Ivan, I would like to have something more sophisticated, something modular with wide design widths and comes with integrated bus connectors. Furthermore, it must have a professional overall look for my signal, data and power transmission. What do you have to offer me?”

Ivan took out the ME/MAX Housing and confidently replied: “I hope this range fits your applications with its easy networking of individual modules for power and signal transmission and its improved electromagnetic compatibility will surely gives a functional earth contact when you are in it!”


Extremely happy with their new housings, the first and second PCBs went off together just the way they wanted it to be.

However, the 3rd PCB which has been staying quietly at a corner was silent. Ivan was surprised that the 3rd PCB had been so quiet, and so went up to him and asked him: “What kind of housing are you looking for? Why are you so quiet?”

The 3rd PCB replied sadly, “I do not work in the same environment like the other 2 PCBs. I require a housing that is made from aluminium, provides protection for me against both water splashes, thermal and mechanical stress out in the field. I am afraid that you might not be able to help me.”

Smiling politely, Ivan told the 3rd PCB to hold on for a moment. Walking into the office, he came out with HC-ALU Housing, and proclaimed: “I think I DO have a solution to your woes!”

The 3rd PCB shouted in glee, “Thank you! I will no longer need to worry about being in the harsh environment anymore!”


The moral of the story is – Phoenix Contact will always have a housing suitable for all your PCB board needs and requirements!

…….~~The End~~……..

With a huge range of customizable housing options that have full flexibility in design connections and safety, Phoenix Contact will have a solution for you!

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