The Intelligent Redundancy Module

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Today, I visited a Maintenance Engineer from one of the plant in Jurong Island and by chance he asked me if I have any active power supply redundancy modules that have diagnosis feature to monitor the availability of the internal redundancy.

I was very happy to hear this question and told him that the answer is YES! Phoenix Contact has the QUINT Oring module for you!

Apart from the ability to generate an alarm when internal redundancy of the module is broken, QUINT Oring module is more superior as compare to the traditional diode module because it offers benefits such as the Auto Current Balancing (ACB) technology, load current monitoring and visual indication.

In short, the QUINT Oring module ensures maximum reliability in redundant power systems.

Quint Oring

ACB (Auto Current Balancing) technology ensures that the load current are automatically and symmetrically distributed regardless of the effect of temperature drift.

Overall heat is also reduced with the MOSFET technology which results in 70% of heat reduction as compared to conventional diode. The lower level of power loss ensures longer life span of the module as well as other components in the cabinet.

Apart from the ACB, the module also activity monitors the load current to ensure redundancy at all time. If the load draw more current than a single power supply can provide, the QUINT diode is intelligent enough to send an alarm to the control system.

Voltage balancing is also made easy and obvious with the bar graph indication on the module which indicates the voltage balancing of the two power supply. The user can see at a glance which input voltage is higher and therefore which power supply is under a greater load.

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