Dealing With Difficult People – Part 1

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In a company, there are a lot of chances for us to meet with different sort of audiences and colleagues. One kind of rice will raise one hundred kinds of people, people from different background contribute to their individual unique character.


Therefore, not all will be easy to deal with. Therefore, upon my first step in society, it came to me that we need to understand our surrounding people better thus preventing unnecessary conflicts.

Today, I would like to share this article on ‘Dealing With Difficult People’, which we will touch on:

  • Identify the Principle type of Troublemaker
  • How to manage them
  • How to tackle issues

Firstly, let us identify the principle types of troublemaker. They are generally classified into four types:

  • Destructive
  • Subtle destructive
  • Disgruntled
  • Unmotivated

Some of the traits you might have already encounter and may ring a bell to certain friends you know. Don’t be alarmed, we shall look into each of the traits and provide solutions for you to counter them.

Let’s look at the first 2 types of people you may encounter.

Destructive People – This group of people, like its name suggest, creating some unknown and unwanted damages.  You may recognize them as usually Loud, Aggressive, Hostile & Arrogant. On work basis, they would designed to make others fail and use others to gain own advantage. The solution to this,

Unmoving emotions – Destructive people usually have their success by bringing down others. Your best way to counter them, stay unmoved to all of their actions. They will feel lost, confused and might not know how to proceed from there.

  • Stand your ground – Destructive people pushes the weak minded around, you might have a brilliant ideal and because of them, it may be pushed off. Therefore, it is important to stand for what you believe and point your point across. Destructive people usually will be caught off guard as they never thought that was coming. The next time, destructive people will reconsider before launching his/her attack on you

Subtle Destructive – This group of people, are not coming to you directly and they usually plans to create damages you might not be aware of. They usually carry the character of  Indirect aggressive. Some time they might play mind game disguising & creating false relationship. Hence, do stay careful if you are with them as they might wound others with remarks. The solution to this:

  • Demand an explanation – These people may launch comments to create emotional wounds. Therefore, be strong and demand an explanation on their comments or remark meant. This forces them to give a response/answer which they don’t want.
  • If in doubt, do nothing – Since their motive is to create wound and have satisfaction upon seeing your reaction. The best way out, will be to not have any reaction. Deprived of satisfaction, they usually will retreat because they are unable to make the next move.

This concludes part one of my article on dealing with difficult people. Next week, I will share with you on the remaining 2 types of people that you may encounter, so stay tuned!



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