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Surfing the website for a correct specification can sometimes be difficult. Going through so many different types of our product and comparing them can also be tiring and information can be missed once you lose focus.

Therefore, besides the possibility to request for a sample from us, that is if you do know what part you require, we have created a function on the website for your ease to select the correct product from Phoenix Contact.

This function is called: Configurator

This function can be found in the right corner of the ‘Products’ page.

1) In our homepage, click on ‘Products’















2) On the right hand side,under ‘Additional Resources’, you will see ‘Configurator’

3) Click on ‘Configurator’ and you will be brought to the next landing page.

4) In the Configurator page, you can select the different category to assist and guide you in your research.














I select PCB terminal blocks and plug-in connectors => PCB plug-in connecters => Inverted connectors – shock protection on the PCB side, you will see the landing page as below:



















Select the type of approval required, enter the information according to your specifications, click Display articles and the selection of Phoenix Contact products that fits your requirement will be listed out.

So do explore this amazing function that can assist you in your search for the right Phoenix Contact product. Have fun!



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