The Importance of Good Demos

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Would you buy something that you cannot see, touch or feel?

For instance, if you wanted to buy a new mobile phone today, and you walked into the mobile shop and after describing your needs the salesman told you, “Oh we have just got the solution for you! This phone solves all your problems and have the latest features and technology. However we do not have the sample for  you to see, so you will have to make payment first before we give you the actual phone.”

Would you still buy the phone?

Most likely you will not buy it and walk out or buy another phone model that has a sample that you can feel, touch and see. Similarly, in the same context of Phoenix Contact, where we offer many different kinds of products and solutions for various industries, it is important to show customers what we are offering.

In Phoenix Contact, we believe in the importance of having a good demo. Take for example, our PT-IQ demo. It is very effective in showing our strengths and the capabilities of this product. For example, the demo can show very clearly to the customer (since it’s a live demo) the status of the surge arrestor.

This will allow the maintenance team to have better planning of their schedule for shutdown, for example. More importantly, it can also remotely inform the main control room should any of the surge arrestor requires immediate attention.


I have personally successfully worked with customers to install the setup in various settings who were convinced after we showed this demo and tested the setup together with the customer. This instills confidence in the customers and allows them to quickly see their benefits of having the PT-IQ installed in their systems at a glance from the demoboard.

Interested to take look at the demo? You can go to our website and request for a roadshow, demo presentation, or get in touch with us at!



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