EX Pluggable Fuse & Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks

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Introducing the new EX Pluggable Fuse and Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks from Phoenix Contact. Do you require it for your applications and systems?

The checklist below will help you decide!

  • Explosive Area application?
  • Corrosion free component needed for robust application?
  • Limited Space?
  • Complicated design and needed flexibility if design changes?
  • The clock is clicking and rushing for project completion?

If you have answered Yes to most of the questions above, then you must read more!


The new disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are suitable for use in potentially explosive areas. Thanks to EX nA approvals, these Ex disconnect terminal blocks are able to perform in any of the process applications.

Thus, due to the conducting material is made of high quality corrosion-free Copper alloy, the new Phoenix Contact Ex Knife Disconnect Terminal blocks are ready for robust and harsh outdoor environment installations.

Screen Shot 07-02-14 at 04.04 PMScreen Shot 07-02-14 at 04.07 PM

The new Ex knife disconnect terminal blocks comes in a compact design- with only 6,2mm width, they have a double function shaft for easy potential distribution (bridging systems) and a standardized disconnect zone for component and function plugs (TG versions).

With the Ex fuse plug purchased separately, you are able to transform the Ex function terminal block into a Ex fuse terminal without any change of design.

Screen Shot 07-02-14 at 04.04 PM 001 Screen Shot 07-02-14 at 04.03 PM

In summary, the advantages of the new Ex Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks are as below.

~Compact design and high current carrying capacity of 20A

~Corrosion-free Copper alloy allows robust harsh environment applications.

~Double bridge shaft enables individual potential distribution and supply

~Suitable for process technology, thanks to Ex nA approval

~Transformable to Ex fuse terminal block any time!

Want to find out more? Feel free to contact us at marketing@phoenixcontact.com.sg!



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