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6 years ago, the GMM building was struck by lightning – resulting in loss of functionality of their core businesses in media streaming of movies and music. Consumers were unable to download of all these as a result of these lightning surges. All of these caused a massive financial loss for the company.

Thankfully, Phoenix Contact Thailand was on hand to help GMM solve this problem and ensure that there will not be a repeat of this again.

Phoenix Contact Thailand recommended 30 sets of  Type 2 Surge Protection Device (VAL-MS 230/3+1) to protect the 30 floor tall building and also 6 sets of our Type 1 Lightning Arrester (FLT-PLUS CTRL-0.9) to protect the main distribution board.

Type 1 Lightning Arrester

Type 1 Lightning Arrester

Type 2 SPD - VAL-MS 230/3+1

Type 2 SPD – VAL-MS 230/3+1

Ever since the devices have been installed, GMM have not faced any downtime due to lightning surges.

LMS Installation - GMM

This success gave GMM the trust in Phoenix Contact’s surge protection products and explore other products. As surge protection devices are ‘sacrificed’ in order to protect the system when the surge is greater than what the SPD can handle, GMM wanted to have a solution that can actively monitor the lightning surge capacity.

Phoenix Contact was invited to propose a solution and after understanding the needs of GMM, proposed one of our products that won the Hermes Award in 2012 – the LM-S (Lightning Monitoring System).

Phoenix Contact's LM-S

Phoenix Contact’s LM-S

Installing the LM-S was the ideal solution to capture these lightning surges data. Due to the installation of the LM-S, GMM have never faced any more downtime due to surges and they are able to monitor all the data at their fingertips via SMS or Ethernet anytime!

Watch this video interview conducted with Mr Supasit from GMM Thailand on how Phoenix Contact provided a solution to their lightning surge problems!

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