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A Boss of a company had just awarded a million dollar project to a contractor for Ethernet Communication upgrading.

The contractor was happy as he knew how easy it was to supply a point to point Ethernet connection for the project and he asked the owner these questions during the project discussion.

Contractor: “How many Ethernet points do you need?”
Owner: “Erm…. I think about 10,000points”

Contractor: “How long is the distance from point to point?”
Owner: “Erm…. Actually I’m not sure yet”

The contractor was shocked as he have no idea how he is going to order the cables pre-assembled with the connectors when the owner have no idea how much is the length requirements. Heavy-hearted, he continued the conversation with the owner.

Contractor: “How soon do you need this job to be completed?”
Owner: “Actually you only  have 2 week from today’s discussion, i know you have 2 engineers and i believe you can get it done… And by the way, the location of installation is in Philippines”

And the owner left the discussion leaving the contractor speechless.

The Contractor sat down and he started to think about the issues he faces on the unknowns of the cable lengths and limited time that he have for this project…

How many tools and installers does he need to carry out for this off-site installation? 
How much time is required to complete a connection?

In the end, the contractor managed to come out with a solution to his problem.

A typical RJ45 connector connection requires Crimp Tool, Strip Tool, Cutter and time taken is on average 3 minutes. However, a Phoenix Contact IDC CAT6 connector requires a Cutter and 1 minute to install with no special tools required.

Moral of the story

Instead of just using another RJ45 Connector, it would be better to use a Phoenix Contact Cat6A connector.

10 Gigabit Ethernet – Field installation with just a cutter.

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