Phoenix Contact Basic Training 2014 – Warm up

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Every year, we conduct a basic training for new staff from our various Southeast Asian subsidiaries, rep offices and select distributors. This year is no different. However, we made sure that the participants got a totally new experience.

2014 is the year of the Brazilian World Cup so in line with this, we decided to use the World Cup theme as a basis for this training.

Day 1

As with all training, prior to starting, all players should warm up their bodies to avoid injuries and also to bring the body to peak performance.

Basic Training Warmup      Basic Training Warmup 1

With that, the training officially begins.

ICC - Steffi      ICC_Audience

Industrial Cabinet Connectivity Trainer, Steffi Lim, gave the participants a run-through our extensive range of Terminal Blocks and related accessories.


Followed by TRABTECH Trainer, Samuel Chua, trying hard to help the trainees understand the concept of Surge Protection.

Nutrition is also part and parcel of a good training regime so we made sure that our trainees are well-fed so that they are fit both in mind and body.


Day 2

Since the World Cup is played by 32 teams divided into groups, so too were our trainees.  And like their World Cup counterparts, there were ‘drawn’ into their teams with a ‘Bingo Machine’.  All eyes were on the screen eagerly, more like curiously, waiting the results.  Our participants were drawn into 4 teams, ready for the showdown.


A good defence is an important part of any good football strategy.  And good marking forms the basis of that defence.  Jiang Junxuan, our Marking and Installation expert, shares with his knowledge on how to use our Marking Tools to make sure every item is in the right place and easily identifiable; with speed too.


Next up, Winson Goh provided quick overview of the Device Connection’s range of connectors.


Day 2 concluded with our trainee’s having a night off to rest for the long, ‘Powerful’ day ahead.

to be continued…



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