Intelligent surge protection for intrinsically safe applications

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Phoenix Contact’s new PT-IQ Ex models from the self-monitoring Plugtrab PT-IQ surge protection system are specifically designed for intrinsically safe applications and can be installed directly in Ex zone 2. The intrinsically safe signal circuits can be routed up to Ex zone O.

All protection systems consist of a controller and the protection modules themselves. The controller supplies power up to ten surge protection devices over mounting rail connectors and establishes contact to the multi-stage remote monitoring system. This means significantly less wiring is required than when using conventional installation techniques.

PT-IQ Ex models











The intelligent monitoring of each voltage-limiting component in a protective circuit allows preliminary damage to be detected and this information to be displayed using a separate yellow status indicator. In this way, pre-damaged surge protectors can be replaced during routine maintenance before they fail.

The newly available Plugtrab PT-IQ Ex products complete the line of intelligent surge protectors for measurement & control and data technology.




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