Controlling and switching in a highly compact package

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PLC logic, Phoenix Contact’s new programmable logic relay system, is particularly well suited for small automation tasks. It combines the strengths of established relay technology with logic functions in a single package.

The modular design, featuring plug-in relays, enables flexible assembly, depending on the switching task. Pluggable switching elements ensure high machine and system availability thanks to fast replace-ability during servicing.

Programmable logic relay system








The system consists of logic modules, the PLC-Interface relay system, and the Logic+ software. To start up the system, the logic modules are plugged into eight relay modules. A compact 50 mm wide logic module can process 16 input/output signals. The base module can be expanded with up to two add-on modules for more complex applications, making it possible to process up to 48 input/output signals.

Programming is done using the highly intuitive Logic+ software that requires no previous experience in this area.



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