How reliable is your devices when used in harsh environments such as moisture, salt, and airborne chemicals?

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In the Oil and Gas, Marine, Offshore oil drilling platforms, Onshore oil wells, and Refineries, devices used must cope with the harsh environment reactions that can damage the electronics on printed circuit boards.

So how can device manufacturers like us do to increase the life span of these devices and making it more reliable under these conditions?


Conformal coating is the way to go ……………

Conformal coating is a thin, even layer of non-conductive material applied over electronics to protect against moisture, contaminants, and corrosion, and resists extreme temperatures, vibration, salt spray, and chemical vapors, ensuring a longer lifecycle.

This could lead to reducing failure by 75% and the life span increase by 25%.

That’s makes it a very good reason why we have the 20A coated power supplies to support these requirements.

We have stocks to meet your urgent requirements.

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#2868473 QUINT-PS-100-240AC/24DC/20/(SO1)

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