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PROFICLOUD technology enables Phoenix Contact to move PROFINET to the cloud.

This combination of the proven automation standard and state-of-the-art information technology greatly simplifies tasks such as remote control.

Network devices and functions of an industrial PROFINET network can be moved to the cloud. By doing so, numerous new possibilities for automation solutions arise, based on PROFINET.

For example, information from cloud services can be integrated into the application or CPU-intensive functions can be intelligently transmitted to central computing units. At the same time, networks are easier than ever before.

 Your advantages with PROFICLOUD Technology

  • Almost unlimited remote control and maintenance using the Internet as a network
  • Noticeably easier engineering: distributed PROFINET devices appear as devices in the local PROFINET network
  • Reduced hardware costs, as only an Internet connection to the distributed devices is required to set up the network
  • Maximum freedom and efficient automation, thanks to cloud services, as information such as weather data is easily integrated and can be used cost-effectively

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