Phoenix Contact E-Mobility Connectivity – The Basics

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Emobility Basics

 With attitudes leaning towards lower carbon emissions, electric cars are slowly gaining popularity around the world.

Plug-in charging systems from Phoenix Contact set new standards in power supply to electric vehicles. Whether charging on an AC network or fast DC charging – the AC and DC charging connectors from Phoenix Contact are safe, reliable, and user friendly.

Advantages You Enjoy

  • Complete range of plugs from a single source – thanks to the wide range of Type 1, Type 2, and GB products
  • User-friendly handling – with ergonomically shaped handle
  • Particularly rugged and durable, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the sturdy design
  • Safe use: thanks to a multi-stage locking system between the charging plug and vehicle

Overview of plug-in charging systems
With its PLUSCON power product range, Phoenix Contact offers reliable connection technology for power supply covering all aspects of electromobility. The following chart provides an overview of the current applicable international standards and plug-in charging systems used worldwide.

E-mobility Connector Chart



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