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Sometimes while making my sales visits, I will encounter customers who will tell me that a power supply is just a power supply. Take a minute and think – are all power supplies really the same?

The answer is no! Different power supplies have different features and also not to mention, different prices! With so many brands and models available in the market, it’s a tough choice indeed when you need to make a choice between Brand A, B or C.

Phoenix Contact has a huge range of Power Supplies; however if you are a customer looking for a Power Supply with basic functions, we have just the product for you!

We have a full range of Power Supplies called ‘UNO Power’ which is positioned ideally for customers who require a power supply with basic functionalities.

UNO Power Supplies

The new high power density UNO Power supply units are designed to reliably supply loads of up to 100 W with 24 V DC or 12 V DC in compact control cabinets. Low standby losses and highly efficient operation guarantee a high level of energy efficiency.

The three housings dimensioned 22.5 / 35 / 55 x 90 x 84 mm (width x height x depth) take up very little space in the control cabinet.

Power supply units providing 24 V DC output voltage are available in 30 W, 60 W, and 100 W versions; units for 12 V DC consumers are available in 30 W and 55 W.

It is nothing too complex, with just 5 different models to pick from.

All power supplies are highly energy efficient: Thanks to low no-load losses of less than 0.3 W and an efficiency rating optimized for the entire operating range, these power supplies are very economical compared to most commonly available units. The next best you may find in the market is 0.75W.

With an efficiency of up to 90% at nominal load, only a small fraction of the electrical energy is converted into unwanted heat. The range is UL certified and features a wide-range input, a crucial prerequisite for worldwide use. The most common and sufficient certification for applications in the machine building and urban infrastructure market.

UNO Power can handle input voltages from 85 to 264 V AC, resulting in reliable operation even in the event of mains grid voltage fluctuations.

With an extended mains buffering time of up to 140 ms under full load and MTBFs (Mean Time Between Failure) exceeding 500,000 hours, these power supplies prove to be exceptionally reliable in operation with the broad operating temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C,

So, have I convinced you enough to get a UNO Power supply from us? If i have, call us at +65 62436781 and find out more on this promotion. Alternatively you can visit: https://blog.phoenixcontact.com/marketing-sg/good-things-come-in-pairs/




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