Flowers, Chocolates and Valentine’s Day

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Ever wondered what is the meaning behind couples holding hands?

It is physical touch and trust.

              It is a bonding between 2 people.

                           It is also the connection of 2 souls.

                                         It is the anchor for each other.

                                                     It is the connection where 2 hearts beat as 1.

Well, it will be a long list if I go on as different cultures, individuals and beliefs will have their special meaning.


Anyway, in a nutshell, it is the love between the couple that both are holding onto. Therefore, to remind and hold onto this special meaning, Valentine’s Day has become a special day for lovers to renew their vows, profess their love for each other and some take the opportunity to spend quality time together.

Therefore, on this day, gifts for each other is a way to show and express their feelings. These gifts are sold in pairs and usually, is ‘For Him, For Her’ theme. However, in tradition and norm, chocolates and flowers (especially roses) are top in the list.

But why Chocolates and Flowers?

Chocolates was first discovered, it was considered valuable, divine, and decadent. It contains an endorphin called phenylethylamine, levels of which in the brain have been linked to falling in love. Therefore, chocolates symbolizes deep love and passion, affection and attraction, sensuality and luxury. Some relates chocolate as a journey of love, the first taste of bitter symbolize the ‘hardship’ during courtship, and as the chocolate melts, you savor the sweetness which in turns translate to the love between the couples blossoms and when both are in love, everything is sweet and perfect.

As for flowers, there are many different type of flowers which represent different meaning. For red rose, it is believed to be the favored flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, and it represent passion, romantic love, beauty and perfection. In addition, it is also believed that the color and number of flowers also represent different important messages, for example, Red Roses will represent “You are my only love”, 99 roses will express “ I love you forever”, and 108 roses signifies ”Will you marry me?”

So if you are a rather shy person and gets tough tight in front of your loved ones, try pairing these 2 items and it will definitely send a luxury sweet and romantic message. Together, they can help you express your feelings without saying it out.

Ultimately, the perfect match will help deliver the utmost message, assist you in getting what you desire. Phoenix Contact understands this and the power of matching the right items together.

More details coming up next week as we make a big reveal. Stay tuned!



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