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When it comes to reliable signal and power transmission in harsh industrial applications, circular connectors are at the heart of the electrical connection technology.

In recent years, the requirements placed on plug-in connection technology have become increasingly diverse.

The somewhat higher vibrations encountered mean that reliable contact solutions and plug-in systems that are free of play are required. The quick and easy locking technology for connectors is also increasingly popular. Phoenix Contact offers comprehensive solutions with numerous innovations. Circular connectors combine through their design, various advantages in itself. They are easier to seal and meet the requirements for a high protection – usually IP65/67.

Some of the advantages of using Phoenix Contact’s Connection Technology include:


Pre-assembled cables

  • No field assembly required
  • Various cable lengths and assemblies available



Flexibility of Positioning

  • You decide the direction of the cable outlet


Reliable Seals

  • IP67 when unplugged
  • Protection for Device’s electronics


Reliable transmission

  • 360 degree shield connection
  • Fieldbus-specific cables


Rapid interlock system

  • Compatibility with the M12 standard
  • Secure locking
  • Reduced time connection

So start harnessing the power of Phoenix Contact’s connection technology to develop your modern and reliable devices.

In line with Valentine’s Day, Phoenix Contact has come out with a series of packages specially for you. Especially interesting to you will be a promotion where we bundle up our connector with another connector.

Because you’re worth it.

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