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What is the most troublesome thing after you have completed installing your terminal block and component?

I believe many of you will agree with me, it will be the labelling of these components! Labeling is usually the last thing to do when you build up the panel as it is the least important compared to the rest of the components but yet you cannot do without labeling as no one else will know the point except the installer themselves.

Therefore, it is crucial that clear, sharp and precise labelling is done. So the question you might be thinking now, “why is it so troublesome?”


Below shows a typical printing enquiry from a customer:

-Customer will send in enquiry asking us to do the printing, and replying with a quote,

-Customer would also need to fill the template like shown so that our logictis will know the printing sequence. This will process will usually take about 2-3 emails to complete.

-Afterwhich customer need to raise PR to their purchase to raise PO to us, this will take about 2-3 days (depending on company).

-Once agreed, our logistic will take about 2-4days or even weeks to print and deliver.

-Rinse and Repeat.

Estimated lead time 1-2weeks before receiving the label.



Now imagine there is a sudden change in design or someone else in the company accidentally uses your card. You would need to go through the above process and lead time again. By this time, your production will fall behind schedule while waiting for this correction!

So imagine if you own a printer to print these labels. You can:

-Save on lead time

-Save on cost

-Worry less on sudden changes

-Worry less if your card is use by your colleague

-Save on unnecessary paperwork

You will benefit:

-Win customer trust with on time delivery

-With clear precise labelling you will present a ‘professional’ finishing touch

-Flexibility for your customer even if they were to change their design

These are some real benefits given by existing customer and I believe you will feel the same.

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