Intelligent surge protection for data interfaces

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The new Plugtrab PT-IQ-5-HF surge protection introduces intelligent arresters for data interfaces. The switching options are characterized by the safe transmission of higher data rates and are therefore suitable for the protection of bus systems such as Profibus, RS 485, RS 422, Interbus, Canbus, or Modbus.Intelligent surge protection

The Plugtrab PT-IQ product family offers continued monitoring of the voltage-limiting components of a protective circuit. Preliminary damage due to high-energy surge voltages are immediately recognized and indicated. A yellow status signal indicates that the performance limit has been reached as a result of frequent surge voltages.

At this time, the arresters are still functional and the system is still protected. Replacing the component at that point prevents unnecessary servicing. An overload of the protective devices is indicated with a red signal.

This also means that the system is no longer protected.



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