New insulator-free PCB terminals for high currents

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Phoenix Contact’s PTSPL 6 single-pin PCB terminals without insulating inserts facilitate easy and secure connections up to 41 A directly on the circuit board and without any voltage restrictions. The terminal can be fitted automatically as part of the SMT process and soldered using THR technology.

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Insulator-free PCB terminals

Thanks to the spring system and push-in plugs offered in the Sunclix range, conductors with cross-sections from 2.5 to 6 mm² can be connected securely multiple times. No special tools are required for opening. To accommodate different PCB thicknesses, the terminal is available with two soldering pin lengths: 2.1 mm and 2.9 mm. With the new PTSPL 6 PCB terminal, Phoenix Contact is further expanding its range of high-current PCB terminals. The availability of an insulator-free circuit board terminal opens up new possibilities in the area of modern PCB design.



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