Connection versatility with Phoenix Contact

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Whether you choose the screw, spring-cage or insulation displacement connection method, Phoenix Contact always provides the highest level of quality. You can choose the worldwide standard:  the versatile screw connection. This connection method combines a large contact surface with high contact force and is a completely maintenance-free, easy, and gentle conductor connection.

Screw connection push in

Alternatively, you can also choose modern spring-cage technology. Whether spring-cage or leg spring, both concepts ensure a high level of clamping reliability. In particular, leg spring systems and their short wiring times enable quick and easy connection without additional tools based on the push-in principle.

3 types of connection

Looking for even faster wiring? Then choose the insulation displacement connection (IDC) method. The sophisticated insulation displacement connection method ensures optimum and durable contacting. The pierce connection method can be used as an alternative.

Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC)

Irrespective of whether you require a connection for signal, data or power cables, the COMBICON range offers the right terminal block for every application.



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