UL-Approved Surge Protector for Mobile Radio Systems

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Phoenix Contact’s VAL-MS T1/T2 48 surge arresters efficiently protect 48V DC systems for mobile telecommunications against lightning and surge voltages.


With a low arrester threshold of less than 400 volts, they offer reliable protection for the remote radio heads and centralized DC power supplies found in mobile radio systems.


This type of arrester is typically installed at the 48V DC output of the power supply. The VAL-MS-T1/T2 48/12,5 1+1V version is designed for the remote radio head, which is more sensitive. All versions are pluggable. Each version consists of a base element and a protective plug connector. Each connector is equipped with function monitoring and a status display.

The surge protectors are also available with a remote signaling contact. With this, they can wirelessly transmit the monitoring signal to any suitable Phoenix Contact WLAN device.



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