Highly Compact Isolation Amplifiers with Convenient Group Error Logging

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Phoenix Contact’s Mini Analog range of 6.2 mm isolation amplifiers provides a new ‘fault monitoring’ system function for easy error logging in multi-channel applications.

The monitoring module provides group error logging for up to 80 modules connected via the mounting rail bus connector. If an error is detected internally or at the signal input of a transducer, it is reported via the rail-mounted connector and displayed in the control center via the fault monitoring module’s NC contact. Time-consuming individual evaluations are no longer necessary.

Highly Compact Isolation Amplifiers with Convenient Group Error Logging

Depending on the type of isolation amplifier, the following errors can be signaled: bottom or top threshold of measurement range exceeded; wire breakage; short circuit; module fault. In conjunction with the new feed terminal, any failure in the power supply is detected and reported immediately. Both on the participant side and in the analysis module, fault evaluation can be configured freely.

As a result, fault monitoring is especially suitable for modular systems. The new system function is supported by two new temperature transducers for resistance thermometers and thermocouples, as well as a new frequency transducer.

Other new components include a constant voltage source and an output loop-powered isolator. The isolation amplifiers of the Mini Analog range thus cover all analog signal adaptation needs, providing favorable cost, space, and power savings.



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