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PTPOWER 95 – The new product family closes the product gap of high-current terminal blocks for larger cross-sections in the PT-series. The comfortable direct plugging of lines is now also possible for larger cross-sections of 25 mm² to 95 mm² with no additional tools needed. The eccentric allows a simple handling without risk of injury. The product range of pre-assembled terminal blocks reduce installation time to the customer.

For direct installation flange variants as well as pre-assembled terminal blocks are available. The accessories consisting of pick-off terminal blocks and insertion bridges complete the product portfolio.

The compact construction form allows a space-saving installation.













The terminal blocks are intended for a rated voltage of 1500 V and a nominal current of 232 A. There is a 4 mm control opening for testing. Main requests for the new PITPOWER 95 high-current terminal block are addressed from the machine building.

A further field of application is photovoltaics. In this sector high-current terminal blocks are used as connection terminal blocks of larger junction boxes to a central inverter.

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3 thoughts on “PT Power 95

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    the PT 95 looks similar to Wago high current terminal blocks except wago needs special tools to push down the latch for wiring, phoenix does not require, if I don’t remember wrong.

  3. Zhi Hong Ang

    Hello Frances,

    Thanks for your interest in PTPOWER 95! You are right in saying that PTPPOWER 95 does not require any tools when terminating the cable. Also PTPOWER 95 is a safe terminal blocks to work with as there is no live expose parts on the terminal blocks, thus the chances of accidental electric shock are eliminated..

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