Monitoring Relays Part 2

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The EMD monitoring relays can be used to detect deviations in important system parameters at an early stage. These can be indicated or system parts can be shut down selectively.

The EMD-BL compact monitoring relays are ideal for simple monitoring tasks. The devices are particularly suitable for use in building installation and in series production of machines and systems.

Monitoring relays1










EMD monitor the following efficiently and reliably:

• Currents.

• Voltages, 1- and 3-phase.

• Phase sequence.


User advantages

• Compact housing – Space-saving.

• Push-in Technology – Fast and tool-free wiring

• Parameters can be set conveniently on the front of the housing using

rotary switches – User-friendly handling.

• Clear diagnostics with status LED.

• Reasonably-priced solution for numerous monitoring functions.

• Quick installation of the module.



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