Hanover Fair Coverage Contest Results – March

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In  the month of Mar/Apr,  there was a Hanover Fair Coverage Contest for our readers to win a Phoenix Contact Goodie Bag!  The winner has been chosen – read on to find out who….

Question 1: Phoenix Contact is one of the biggest exhibitor at the Hannover Fair.



Question 2: When is Hannover Fair 2013?

Answer: 8th to 12th April


Question 3:What is the Theme for Hannover Fair 2013

Answer: Integrated Industry


The winner for this contest is

Chee Vi Ling from Exact Automation Sdn Bhd… 

Thank you all for your participation, please look out for our current Hannover Fair Coverage Contest – April.


If you would like to know more aboutour products and solution, you can contact us and we are glad to assist you.

The above answers can be found in our article:  It’s coming…. The Hanover Fair 2013 is upon us!





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