New Highly Compact Isolation Amplifiers with Modular Group Error Logging

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Five new products expand the function range of the highly compact Mini Analog isolation amplifier line from Phoenix Contact. The new fault monitoring system function also offers modular error logging in multi-channel applications.

The sensors, two new temperature transducers for resistance thermometers and thermocouples, meet all relevant international standards. A DIP switch allows users to quickly set the two transducers, and the modules can be easily configured for extended functions and monitoring via the robust S-Port interface using a free software tool.

New Highly Compact Isolation Amplifiers with Modular Group Error Logging

A new frequency transducer transforms speed pulses from below one Hertz up to 80 kHz into an analog signal. The module supports NAMUR sensors as well as NPN and PNP outputs. The transducer is quickly configured via a DIP switch and with the intuitive ‘Teach In Wheel’ for freely setting measuring ranges.

In addition, a new fault monitoring module provides transparent error logging for multi-channel applications with up to 80 modules that are connected via the rail-mounted connector. If an error is detected internally or in the signal input of a transducer, it is reported via the rail-mounted connector.

The fault monitoring module then displays the error via an NC contact, eliminating the need for a complicated individual evaluation. If the system is further equipped with the new feed terminal, it can detect and report power supply failures.

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