Configurable IPC Concept for Customized Solutions

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Phoenix Contact introduces a new industrial PC to meet rising demands in the areas of process visualization, robotics, and industrial automation: The Valueline P7000 industrial PC is a powerful, configurable solution that is maintenance-friendly and favorably priced.

This IPC can be configured as a box PC with various mounting options or as a classic panel PC – and can be used in ambient temperatures up to 45°C. The TFT touchscreen monitors, available in sizes between 12″ and 24″, allow complex processes to be visualized. Equipped with Intel Core-i7 processors, the industrial PCs offer exceptional processor and graphic performance.

With the integrated turbo boost technology, more performance is there when needed. The hyper-threading technology increases processor performance to allow threads (tasks) to be more efficiently processed.




This is complemented by fast DDR3 memory with ECC support and solid state drive (SSD) storage with fast single-level cell (SLC) memory technology. The hardware is supported by Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate operating system in the various embedded versions.

The IPCs set themselves apart as a result of an intelligent fan concept based on a FAN-LESS design. Contrary to integrated fans, this concept prevents dust from being whirled up on the mainboard. Further, the integrated power management of the processor reduces energy consumption.

Important components such as the replaceable hard disk or the CMOS battery can be easily and quickly accessed thanks to the maintenance-friendly design. As a result of the modular production technique, this industrial PC has fast delivery times – even for customized configurations – and a favorable price to address demanding applications.



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