The New UM-ALU Housing

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Phoenix Contact offers rugged aluminium housing HC-ALU for control cabinet and field robust electronics housing.

The new UM-ALU housing provides effective protection for your electronics against thermal and electromagnetic influences. It also features a trapezoidal cross section and is suitable for use with handheld devices for mobile data capture or wireless communication.

The HC-ALU also comes in a wall-mount or tabletop version for stationary display devices.

The aluminium profile is horizontally split to enable the straightforward assembly of components and fully fitted printed circuit boards.

Key features and specifications

The front surface has a 2mm recess for the flush-fit insertion of labels or membrane keyboards.
The back profile length is adjustable, allowing users to adapt the housing size to suit the application.
The IP65-compliant housing can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +85°C.
EMC protection is attained thanks to a fully closed profile design with circumferential contacting of side element.
EMC seals are available for applications requiring maximum attenuation levels.

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