Measuring High Temperatures with Axioline

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In addition to digital and analog inputs and outputs, resistive temperature measurement, counter measurement, and absolute encoder measurement, Phoenix Contact’s Axioline real-time I/O system has another function: Temperature measurement with thermocouples is performed using the new AXL UTH 8 module.

Because of their efficiency and properties, thermocouples are frequently used in applications where temperatures above 250 °C must be measured.

These applications include ovens and plastic machines, as well as internal combustion engines, where exhaust temperatures are measured.

Measuring High Temperatures with Axioline

The eight channels are connected using direct plug technology without the use of tools.

When used in areas with high EMC loads, the module’s high-impedance decoupled inputs and configurable input filters make possible extraordinarily high common-mode interference suppression.

With 16-bit measured value resolution, a measuring accuracy of ±0.6 °C can be achieved. Furthermore, the module features integrated wire break detection for ensuring reliable fault detection.



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