Certified Profinet Engineer Course to be held in Phoenix Contact (SEA)

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The Certified PROFINET Engineer course is a world wide recognized training program. It’s standardized by PROFIBUS/PROFINET International to create a quality platform for PROFINET qualified persons who are acknowledged by an official exam.

Now for the first time in South East Asia, you can participate in this training course right here in our premises at Phoenix Contact!

This high tech training course provides detailed technical knowledge of PROFINET and the advantages it offers your automation and production processes. PROFINET is using Industrial Ethernet as communication medium, which has lots of myths and grey areas for users like: cabling, security, determinism and speed.

This training course will take a close look at these issues so that the participant has confidence to evaluate himself if PROFINET is an appropriate solution for his automation requirements and that he can design a proper application. All topics will be finalized with a demonstration and practical exercises to get a direct link with the real world.

The training takes 3-days to complete and at the end of the course there will be a theory and practical exam. Participants who pass both parts of the exam get the title Certified PROFINET Engineer and are awarded an official certificate.

PROFINET plays a primary part in industrial automation and in most cases Certified Engineers are the only ones who can carry out the project. Through the valuable Certified Engineer status, companies and its employees can distinguish themselves from the other companies who are involved with this technology.

The Training will take place at the Phoenix Contact (SEA) Pte Ltd Singapore office and the scheduled date will be from March 11 – March 13, 2013.

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