A Day of Cowboys and Innovations

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Innovation, global warming and Phoenix Contact – What do these have in common? Plenty, it seems! Read on to find out why.

Phoenix Contact Thailand organized an event in the Thongsomboon Club in  Saraburi Province on July 12th 2012. The theme of this seminar “Innovation in the Green” was to share with our customers and distributors that new technology and innovation can be good friends with the environment.

Today, people are increasingly concerned with issues like global warming; however the key message that Phoenix Contact wants to share with everyone is that Innovation can work well hand in hand with the environment.

For example, during this event we presented a variety of products such as our Pluscon products which can replace the traditional spaghetti cables and consolidate all the wirings into one smart connector and cabling system which saves installation time and provides high IP protection.

We also showcased our wireless technology which works well for both indoor and outdoor applications. It does not require civil constructions like cable. Therefore, we believe that this is useful information for the attendees to bring back to improve working process performance and reduce downtime.

Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In the afternoon, we had a scavenger hunt and although there was rain the whole afternoon, the participants did not allow it to dampen their spirit! Everyone stayed for the entire game and enjoyed themselves.

Take a look at some of the pictures for yourself!


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