Selective Power Distribution with Innovative New Circuit Breakers

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The new electronic and thermomagnetic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact offer all of the system benefits that are important for quick and easy installation. They reliably protect devices from surges and short circuits, even when long cables are used.

The one-channel, pluggable circuit breakers enable modular designs for selective power distribution. Coding between the base element and the plug ensure error-free placing. Likewise, the new connector catch mechanism holds the circuit breakers securely in place even in harsh installation environments.

Furthermore, the push-in connection terminals make it possible to connect wires without any tools, while the unique bridge system means all circuit breakers can be readily combined according to your individual needs.

The thermomagnetic circuit breakers are distinguished by their optimized SFB tripping characteristic. In combination with Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB), the technology in use in Quint Power power supply units, they offer high cut-out protection in case of a fault.

The electronic circuit breakers work with active current limitation. This delays immediate cut-outs due to temporary power surges.



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