Motors Intelligently Switched and Simply Wired

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With hybrid motor starters from Phoenix Contact, users switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably.Contactron switching technology enables smooth switching and relieves the load on relay contacts.

Hybrid motor starters therefore last up to ten times longer than purely mechanical switching devices.

For motors of up to 4 kW on 22.5 mm, the hybrid motor starter brings together all of the functions of a classical reversing contactor circuit, including safety functions, into one device. Internal load and locking circuits minimize wiring costs by up to 75 percent.

The efficient wiring design continues with the connection of the motor starter to the SmartWire DT communication system. This practically eliminates complex parallel cabling at the control and signal levels for larger systems with a high number of consumers.

Hybrid motor starters, as well as command and reporting devices, are easily and clearly connected with SmartWire DT and can also be integrated into fieldbus systems by means of a gateway.

Another new model is the hybrid motor starter with integrated fuses. These fuses fulfill Classification Type 2 according to IEC/EN 60947-3-4. This means protection for people, machines, and systems, even in the event of a short circuit. To continue operations, just swap out the fuses and the hybrid motor starter is ready to go again.

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