Distribute Signals with One Turn in the Field

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The new Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact is specifically designed for wireless signal transmission at large facilities. I/O mapping is one special feature that distributes signals from up to 250 stations within the system without any software.

Here, input signals receive I/O addresses by means of thumb wheels, with these addresses being mapped to corresponding output modules. Because identical signals can also be outputted several times, it is possible to set up intelligent distribution and signal multiplication in the field.

Radioline and its integrated functions can be used universally for different applications, including I/O signals, serial data, or the implementation of I/O to Modbus. The stations can be arranged as needed in point-to-point, star, or mesh structures.

Each station can also be used as a wireless repeater for other stations. The devices use this feature on the license-free, 2.4 GHz frequency. They are based on further advances in Trusted Wireless Technology, which has been in use for over ten years in industrial applications.

The I/O stations can be expanded modularly. The modules also feature high-quality galvanized channel-to-channel isolation and can be switched out easily while the system is in operation. Additionally, the digital channels are also equipped with wide-range inputs and relay outputs for many possible applications up to 250 V.




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